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About Nordic Farms' Homemade Jams and Jellies

Nordic Farms is located in the heart of vineyard country not far from the shores of beautiful Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Surrounded by rolling farmland, sheltering woodlands and shady glens, we homesteaded our land, building our own home and outbuildings, while raising two remarkable sons. Now grown, both boys are married and our eldest son and his wife are the proud parents of a nearly four-year-old son and a beautiful new daughter born in April. Our younger son and daughter-in-law are the parents of an adorable baby girl who will celebrate her first birthday soon!

Our "Backyard"

Blue Ribbon Jams, Jellies and Preserves!

Noreen, who grew up in a 4-H family, began making jams and jellies at an early age. While Noreenís mother and grandmother taught her the basics of canning and preserving, young Noreen took it upon herself to learn the art of jam making as a 4-H project for the local county fair. She won a blue ribbon, the first of many and was designated by her mother as the familyís official jam maker!

Today Noreen has built upon her early knowledge, expanding her product line to over 140 jams, jellies, marmalades and preserves. Many of her recipes come from inspiration, while others are suggestions from customers, family and friends. "I always listen to my customers," says Noreen. "They always have great ideas!" In fact a number of our most popular products were originally customer requests.

?I really enjoy what I do, "says Noreen." I enjoy making jam and developing recipes, and I love the farmers markets. I get to meet so many people from all over the country and have made some wonderful friendships with my customers and the other vendors. Plus, it?s great to meet people who enjoy my products!?

Noreen, picking sun-ripened oranges on her annual trip to Florida -The freshest fruits makes the best jams, jellies and marmalades! There are over 10,500 acres of vineyards in the Finger Lakes, producing over 61,500 tons of grapes each year - Most Finger Lakes wineries have tasting rooms and many offer tours. Not only does this area produce some of the very best grapes on its gently rolling hills, but it is also home to wonderful apple, peach, pear and cherry orchards, as well as fields of strawberries, blueberries, black berries, raspberries and currants - It?s a wonderful place to live.